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Gold Training Videos

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Gold Training Videos


Learn how to upload new bios, modify existing bios, and upload your photo.


Modify existing buttons, and add new buttons and dropdowns.

Color Scheme

Changing the coloring throughout your site.

Custom Pages

Learn how to create new custom pages for your buyers, sellers, links, or just to email to clients and/or prospects.

Changing your Front Page

Modifying the wording on your front page.


Add new categories and links to other websites onto your Links page.

Adding Listings

How to add and modify featured properties.

My Account Button

Review the My Account button of your control panel including how to modify your IDX/MLS link.


Edit your newsletter and email it to your prospects.

Prospect Management

Topics include: managing leads, creating campaigns, modifying / adding letters, managing groups, adding events and reminders.

Integrated Blog

Topics include: activating your blog, adding a post, creating categories, reviewing comments, managing links, and more. This class covers the basic tools used to manage your blog.

Feedback Tool / Email Blast

Topics include: How to request feedback from a showing agent, feedback reports, sending email blasts to prospects (email newsletters, listing announcements, and general updates).

FSBO System

Topics include: managing FSBO website, adding properties, photos, modifying campaign letters, terms of service, privacy policy.

Ways to Optimize Your Site

Topics include: Ways to Optimize Your Site.

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